ProMedica TA

At the outset of negotiations, membership set out the goal of winning a contract that brings nurses forward, not backwards. As a bargaining team, we are confident in saying that this tentative agreement achieves that goal. The TA includes:

  • A wage scale with an immediate wage increase, retroactive to the first full pay period in January of at least 10% for all members; and a top of over $50/hr by the end of the contract;
  • We were also able to preserve our 13-step structure, making our contract one of the most lucrative in the state;
  • Protected the 401k bi-weekly match and annual contribution and fought off the employer efforts to create a two-tier retirement system, the only Union in the ProMedica system to maintain this language;
  • Protected the shift differential that ProMedica executives wanted to take away for day shift RNs, and increased it for night shift nurses to $2.50 upon ratification and $2.75 July of 2025;
  • Increase of the float differential for all nurses and added additional unit-specific protections around floating procedures;
  • Created an equitable system of wage placement based on years of RN licensure, which will bring additional gains for some of our current members. The language guarantees that nurses currently placed on the scale above their years of licensure will not be moved down as a result of transitioning to this contractually enforceable system;
  • Guarantee of no increase in the percent of the health premium the employee pays for 2025. Additionally, for 2026, the percentage of the health premium the employee pays will not increase more than 2% for both full and part time;
  • Language guaranteeing that you will not have to use PTO if you are required by the employer to take time off for reasons related to Covid-19;
  • Language guaranteeing that nurses are paid mandatory pay when mandated to take on additional on call shift with less than 7 days notice;
  • Improved mandatory OT language in general;
  • Addition of language guarantee the employee the right to their chosen representative for disciplinary and grievance meetings;
  • Improved union orientation language to assure all new RNs know their rights and their contract;
  • Addition of union security language to assure our Union is strong into the future;
  • Improved grievance timelines;
  • Guarantee that a nurse cannot be laid off if there are agency nurses working on their unit;
  • Addition of Parental Leave into the contract;
  • Language guaranteeing that ADO forms submitted by RNs will be addressed at PPC meetings;
  • Addition of language guaranteeing a proper orientation to new hires;
  • Addition of basic health and safety language guaranteeing that the hospital will provide appropriate PPE and the expansion of the right to 24hrs off after an assault without loss of pay;
  • And more…

Please note: if you have any difficulty downloading the tentative agreement and would like a copy, please contact your local elected leadership and/or labor rep.